Why My Building Is Leaking

Sep 19, 2021

Water leakage through the windows and exterior walls is a common problem most of us face during normal or rainy conditions. For many building owners, water leakages have to be dealt with regularly. Irrespective of any building types such as high rise, low rise, urban or rural buildings, this issue is widespread. Even with the modern building constructions, water leakages an annoying defect that upsets most of us. There are many looking for a solution for “Why My Building is Leaking”

Though we live in the new age of technologies, unfortunately our buildings are unable to meet expectations.

building leakages

Poorly Sealed with the Building

Windows perimeter sealing with the building concrete openings is critical to achieving weatherproofed details. Often waterproofing is compromised at the corners or there are no overlaps for longer joints. Good design details will address these issues. However, site implementation skills impact the performances.

Improper Integrations

Residential facades are more function driven whereas commercial facades are more aesthetic driven.However ,design requirements and challenges are very different among these type of building facades. Careful thought should be given at design stages to well integrate services and penetrations so that it will not interfere with windows or facades. Afterthought works may lead to compromise on building envelopes.

Solution for Why My Building Is Leaking doesn’t cost time or money if addressed at the time of constructions with emphasise on quality control systems with systematic approaches.

It doesn’t cost more to adopt a planned and systematic approach with the right skills and expertise.This can save significant cost, time, and most importantly, the value of the building.

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