Use of Right materials on Buildings envelopes

Oct 21, 2017

Material selection or use of right materials for building envelopes often complex but yet a key decision

There are several materials available that are either inappropriate or having poor performances on several key safety factors. Often Its been used without reviewing in detail or advertising to cut cost and other reasons. However, designers hold key responsibility in enforcing good design practices and a safe design approach in educating the users /owners.

We talk
about cladding materials; often we could see several regions use highly flammable and dangerous materials. In these cases the building envelope supposes to provide long-lasting maintenance-free facades, becomes a risk to occupants.

There are several regions that do not have adequate local regulations to control inappropriate materials. Hence local regulations alone can’t be relied upon for safe designs. The failures in checking and enforcing the right materials, lead to severe consequences to precious lives and properties.


Image: Cladding Fire, Image source: Gulf News

We bring the recent instance, Tall Residential Building at UAE,  showing video shocking evidence of how quickly fire and smoke propagating on the ACP (Alum composite Cladding) that uses Non-Fire Resistant cladding panels.

Sharjah-Al Naser tower-ACP fire copy from BES Consultants on Vimeo.

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