Technical Insights

Technical Insights

Unique facade designs – Insights

Windows designed by BES

Bespoke Residential Windows

BES team works on variety of projects which requires customised  bespoke Residential Windows, where the ready to use systems are not an option. We involve from design to implementation all the way throughout, our dedication helps the team confidently fabricate and implement any complex facade engineering firm design. Facade designs insights from various Project are illustrated

Oromia media complex 1

Advanced Geometry Designs

Advanced Geometry Designs, produces practical architectural engineering design solutions from concept to constructions. Complex Forms are resolved with high level of details to make it buildable construction geometry. 3D designs are integrated with engg designs and detailed 2D cad drawings. Whole model prepared by BES team, handed over the site team for constructions.

GRC cladding designs

Unusual Designs and Materials

Unusual designs and materials, we are passionate to explore and push design boundaries. Using power of designs, material and construction knowledge our team relentlessly works for any innovative designs from concept to completion. Our in-house expertise on material research helps in exploring innovative and new materials not just designs until implementation.

Advanced Geometry Designs Delivered

BES has used advanced 3d geometry techniques in making detailed engineering consultants in mumbai and details of the unique complex architectural designs. Diagrid steel structure has detailed with appealing architectural steel connections and well integrated with the triangular glass panelled glazing system.

BES Consultants

Highly complex and Iconic building designs delivered using Advanced 3D designs techniques by BES team. Concept to completion designs successfully delivered, BES deeply involved in the construction phase and helped the implementation.


shopping mall-facade

Advanced Geometry Techniques

Freeform Wrap structure, forming folded geometry. Advance Geometry techniques with detailed engineering and good for Construction drawings

best commercial building

A Large Project, with Design Simplicity

Unitised system Glass Facades using large glass panel ie,. 3.6 M height high. BES has developed bespoke glass facades designers with reveal Cladding, practical design solutions focused with ease of fabrications

High Rise Tower

Tall Tower – Weather Challenges

Simplified and well resolved pre-construction details has greatly helped successful implementation. Detailed facade engineering and design to arrive economical design yet robust design

Works from Our Advance Design Lab

Our Passionate team uses Advanced Techniques to creative solutions and innovative facade designs. Tools are developed to delivered complex designs highly simplified for actual constructions. Several facade design patterns are possible with simple design solutions.

A Special windows, How did we do this !

Deeply involved with implementation right from fabrication to installations, our team practical knowledge helps the construction team and facade contractors

render and contour 3d view

Our Advance design skills helps to enhance performances

BES team work on advanced simulations tools, techniques in order to optimise natural daylights, achieve energy efficiency, thermal comforts and arrive appropriate glazing designs and glass specifications. Performances are arrived based on detailed analysis and verifications, not just working on thumb rules or assumptions

Our Fabrication and Production Specialists, helps to ease implementation

Our in-house specialists from industry with productions and fabrication experiences, greatly simplify any complex detailing and helps to reduce manufacturing costs.

  • Industrial experiences
  • Improve workmanship of fabrications
  • Fabrications within tolerances
  • Quality implementations at shop

Amazing Projects

Hines commercial

Atrium Place, Gurugram Delhi

best building designs

High Rise Residential, Mumbai


NS Square, Singapore

Hong Ngoc Hospital

International Hospital, Hanoi