Sustainable construction


Publish from an Industrial News, BES sharing experiences from our works across various regions able to understand different challenges and bring solutions. BES team helps to achieve highest level of energy efficient facades, detailed level of designs with practical solutions.

High performance facade designs

best IT building facade

BES team helps to achieve highest level of energy efficient facades, detailed level of designs with practical solutions

What is Advanced Geometry Designs

geometry designs

Advanced Geometry Designs helps successful implementation of complex building forms and architect designs

India International Convention Centre


BES expertise has helped the project successful implementations of several complex facade systems.

Building Facade Lighting


Iconic high rise commercial building at Cambodia, facade lighting successfully integrated by BES.

Facade Engineering Research


BES research paper on Facade Engineering Design has been published on an international technical publishing.

International School, Kolkata

best school buildings

BES team deeply involved from concept to completion of this recently completed project.  Well resolved engineered details prepared by BES in coordination with Architects. Challenging and complex facade design, detailing, BES team involved deeper during site phase, helps the successful implementations.

What is Glass Engineering

Glass Structures

On-going commercial tower at the city centre of Phnom Penh, BES involved from concept to construction of this iconic architectural designs. BES continuing with the site inspection and quality control  of on-going facade implementation works.

Hiring Senior Architects

Hiring Architects
BES is hiring Senior Architects to work on our interesting projects, exploring design ideas with passionate team. Those with B Arch completed, having min. 5 years working experiences shall apply.

International School-Another Unique Project


BES team proudly associated with an unique School project upcoming in Mumbai, team is deeply involved from the concept to implementations. Closely worked with the project architect (US based) and has prepared well resolved facade detailed technical documentations.