Rain on Buildings – by Simulation


BES uses state-of-the-art design tools and implements cutting-edge technologies to enhance, optimize and stretch the wind engineering design boundaries, these will greatly help our clients and projects. These are advanced design studies that help the efficient and cost-effective designs to overall improve the building efficiency and occupant’s comforts.

Interesting Facade designs by BES

gurgaon best facades

Recently completed building facades, Bespoke designs and details by BES has been successfully implemented on a large scale project, ie,. approx. 3 Million Sft commercial development at Gurgaon, Glazing designs integrated with reveal details for lighting and architectural designs, Double height lobby facades are carried with unique designs without having horizontal frames, bespoke designs by… Continue reading Interesting Facade designs by BES

Another Project Just Completed

best facades
AM Naik Tower, Mumbai, 15 Sty office building (for L&T Corporate) at Powai, BES has been appointed by the developer as the facade designers and consultants for scope covering concept to site completion. BES scope includes customised designing of bespoke facade systems for Unitised glazing integrated with Terracotta and fins. Bespoke lobby facades (10 M height)… Continue reading Another Project Just Completed

What is Structural Engineering? Responsibility of Structural Engineers

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What is structural engineering? Structural engineering is among the oldest types of engineering & it is a branch of civil engineering, A structure has multiple components which are connected in such a way that the structure can withstand the action of loads that are applied to it. These loads may be due to gravity, wind,… Continue reading What is Structural Engineering? Responsibility of Structural Engineers

Tall Residential Towers

tall tower

Recently completed project of BES, uses bespoke windows, various architectural features. BES team involved from concept to implementation with site quality measures, which has made positive impact on the project.

Curtain wall system with Wide Sliding door

Residential facades

BES has greatly involved in making of a large sliding door (7m wide) integrated on an Unitised Curtain wall system, the design has tested and proven its facade engineering and performances. BES has successfully delivered the designs from concept to implementation.