Facade Conference -Vietnam 2019


BES speech on Facade Conference, on 29th Aug 19 at Ho Chi Minh City BES has presented an interesting and useful technical talk on Facade Conference, on 29th Aug 19 at Ho Chi Minh City, which has been greatly appreciated by the participants. The presentation contents were of high quality and shared valuable experiences from… Continue reading Facade Conference -Vietnam 2019

Aluminium Composite Panels -Failures

finishes failure
Aluminium Composite Panels are most widely used for building cladding and forms the building envelope for architectural and functional design requirements. There are numerous products in the market, however not all these products are comparable and in many instances, these are not equivalent in performances and quality. For various commercial reasons products often compromise on… Continue reading Aluminium Composite Panels -Failures

Use of Right materials on Buildings envelopes

cladding fire failures
Material selection or use of right materials for building envelopes often complex but yet a key decision There are several materials available that are either inappropriate or having poor performances on several key safety factors. Often Its been used without reviewing in detail or advertising to cut cost and other reasons. However, designers hold key… Continue reading Use of Right materials on Buildings envelopes

Strong Site Team for all complex Building Facade construction

site team

BES team not just limited to design specialists, BES has professionally trained large size facade specialists for building facade site work supervisions, monitoring, implementing qualities on the ground. The team’s strong site support helps the developers/clients in implementing BES designs correctly and bring qualities to the project outcome.

Glass distortions and Visual impact on Buildings

Glass distortion 5

Distortions or visually disruptive building facades continue to be the most challenging issues, although the glazing technologies and processing techniques are improving it is quite often designers and architects face the challenges of achieving flawless looking building glazing. Visual distortions perceived as a defective or low-quality facade as seen from the layman point of view,… Continue reading Glass distortions and Visual impact on Buildings