Building Facade Inspections

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Existing Building Inspections – leading specialists offer best solutions for building issues / defects. Best known team using state of the art tools and techniques helping building owners

Jumbo Glass Facades

Jumbo glass panels

What is Jumbo Glass – current trends in building architecture, glass designs and productions. BES team has greater knowledge in international sourcing of glass for extremely large oversized glass units.

Oromia Broadcasting Network


On-going International project Oromia Broadcasting Network, Iconic building facade. BES deeply involved from the design to construction.

High performance facade designs

best IT building facade

BES team helps to achieve highest level of energy efficient facades, detailed level of designs with practical solutions

How to Improve Building Construction Quality

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  Building facade works at the site requires systematic quality control implemented. Final outcome of facade works and finishes rely on building construction quality and tolerances. Overall construction industry has lack of skills at management levels and absence of appropriate systems. Typical project management team often focus on progress and other coordination matters, missing out… Continue reading How to Improve Building Construction Quality

How to Select Glass for Buildings

glass selection

Glass selection is an art of designers which requires vast knowledge on wide spectrum of skills varying from material sciences, energy impact, fabrications, practical aspects etc. With the introduction of numerous products that comes to building construction on every day basis, the designers have to have to global connect with international expertise, familiar with other… Continue reading How to Select Glass for Buildings