Advanced Geometry Design Lab

3d building designs

Our Advanced design team passionate to stretch design boundaries to create impossible geometries / forms. Our expertise using advanced geometry techniques helping architects and designers in resolving challenges, design decisions, visualise and finalise faster.

Be Spoke Entrance Facade

DLF entrance facades
Interesting be-spoke-entrance-facade by BES for 9M tall entrances of a large commercial building.Glazing system adopted with vertical only (no Horizontal frames), which is an economical and reliable design solution than frameless glazing systems. Instead of thinking a traditional frameless facades, which is generally used for entrances BES has conceived an innovative design solution which was… Continue reading Be Spoke Entrance Facade

What is Structural Engineering? Responsibility of Structural Engineers

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What is structural engineering? Structural engineering is among the oldest types of engineering & it is a branch of civil engineering, A structure has multiple components which are connected in such a way that the structure can withstand the action of loads that are applied to it. These loads may be due to gravity, wind,… Continue reading What is Structural Engineering? Responsibility of Structural Engineers

Tall Residential Towers

tall tower

Recently completed project of BES, uses bespoke windows, various architectural features. BES team involved from concept to implementation with site quality measures, which has made positive impact on the project.

High Rise facades hardware designs

Hardware design BES Technical Sharing Issue 9
BES research and technical sharing of hardware design and successful integration on facades. Generation demand for High rise buildings and high living luxury residentials developments has driven huge demand for new breed of building developments and New designs often have no precedents. We focus on residential high rise buildings which face unique challenges of many… Continue reading High Rise facades hardware designs