R&D and Technical Publishes

R&D and Technical Publishes

Secrets to Leak Proof Facades

waterproofing of facades

A Comprehensive Guide to Waterproofing of Facade Glazing Companies and Cladding Details.

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Simulation of Rain on Buildings

Wind driven rain and its impact on tall buildings are analysed using simulation tools, minimise adverse impact of water leakages thro Building Envelopes. Helps architects in better building designs

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How to Improve Construction Quality

Site quality check

Building Defects, how do we find solutions and help building owners for rectifications
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Facade Engg Research

Corner base plate Deflection

BES research on Facade Engineering Design published on an international journal
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Architectural Design Options Vs Cost

facade costing

Cost comparison of different options based on construction methods and overall aesthetics, sharing BES research from latest trends.
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Building Facade Costs Insights and Post Covid Trends

In depth analysis of facade materials cost analysis, prepared and presented by BES in-house research team

Why My Building Is Leaking

Building Defects, how do we find solutions and help building owners for rectifications. Our Team strong design knowledge with implementation experiences, address building envelopes defects and rectification solutions

Technical Write up

facade defects

Fire Risk Analysis and Rectification Solutions

Our deeper knowledge on material behaviours on fire propagation with test verifications will help the client. Recommendations are based on strong technical backup and building specific, help the building owners with most suitable rectification strategies.

Project Details

High Rise facades-failure analysis

Email cover image 400x270 1

Sharing our expertise from design to implementation highlighted with practical issues and challenges learned from experiences structural engineering.

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What drives to failures and poor quality

BES presented reality of the construction industry problems, experiences on overall industry issues highlighted with real examples.

Design Verifications thro Tests

Our Facade Engineering and designs are tested and verified with performance tests carried out by an external laboratory set up.

Better Understanding of Engineering Consultants

Our team not just analytical or assumption focused, BES team has extensive data of tests, behaviours of designs

Knowledge Sharing on International Conferences

Knowledge presentation has been made during lockdown period, organised by ZAK World of Facades team. Technical sharing has been presented. Various Facade Engineering consultancy has presented high quality sharing sessions.

Our R&D Team finding trends on Building Facades technologies

BES team research on Glass visual defects and acceptable distortions, which is of major concerns with recent structural glazing products. This is irrespective of particular product, type rather widespread problems occurring on majority of high performance coated glass products. BES has made extensive research on this subject and studied various building facades across globe ie,. facades of USA, Europe and Asia. From these BES team has managed to find a way to control the glass specification and made trails at the glass processing resulted major improvement on glass visual quality of BES completed projects. Knowledge from Facade Engineering consultants are shared for the industry benefits

Our Approach to Energy efficient facades using simple design principles

Our team work on detailed level of sustainable designs for energy efficient facades using multi discipline simulations that employs innovative solutions. For more details please read the case study from the real time project of BES (click the image below for technical writeup)

Energy efficient facades

Building Facade Conference at Colombo

BES has presented an interesting technical paper “Energy Efficient Designs” with case study of a project completed

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Wind Engg. on Tall Building Facades

BES team has presented an article on a leading structural engineering publishes, this is technical paper on designs of tall building facades and associated wind engineering consultants challenges.

Paper presented at Society of Structural Engineers, Sri Lanka held 2016

This paper illustrates and shares the recent experiences on implementation of a Customized design solution specific to the building of Sri Lanka addressing local challenges, aimed to achieve high quality facades of international standards, yet economical and well designed to achieve faster construction.

Technical Knowledge sharing to wider community

A lecture series by Rajan Govind (Director) for NPTEL, premier training institute has wider audiences reach.

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