Project Details- KL Eco City Commercial Tower

eco city commercial tower

Eco City Commercial Tower, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

40 Sty Commercial building, Next to Mid Valley Mega Mall. BES has been appointed as facade designers covering Detailed design, facade engineering and design, 3D BIM model, construction design co-ordinations and site meetings. As a leading Facade Specialist Malaysia, BES team brings rich experiences from regional facade works experiences

Unitised facades are integrated with large horizontal sunshade 900 mm deep and vertical fins of 4oo mm deep. These details were well resolved with BES detailed design engineering works, BES team involved in a deeper level with checking and coordination with facade designers, fabrication and site implementation team. Typical Unitised system was tested for Performance at a third party test lab in Malaysia, BES team has witnessed and provided expertise on testing and conclusion of test results.

Roof Terrace steel works were integrated to support the BMU, this involves heavy steel works facade design engineering and installation methods. BES has developed detailed steel works in 3D, helped in ease of fabrication and installations works.

Project Team

Client : Setia Group

Architect : GDP Architects

Project Status : Completed (Year 2016)

Scope : Facade Engineering Design & Site Management Services

What we did

Facade Design & Engg.

BES Value Add:

  • Bespoke facade system with brick pattern modulation, challenges to facade bracketings
  • Experiences as a leading Facade Specialist Malaysia, bring regional experiences
  • Integration of large sunshade profiles that uses 3 extrusions interlocked
  • Large size fins and features and fixing details to achieve faster installations.
  • Senior specialist team deputed at the site for meetings, coordination and effective project design management. Helped the project in successful completions.