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Glass Experts

How to Select Glass for Buildings

Glass selection is an art of designers which requires vast knowledge on wide spectrum of skills varying from material sciences, energy impact, fabrications, practical aspects etc. Our Glass Experts has in-depth knowledge in right choice of glass selection. With the introduction of numerous products that comes to building construction on every day basis, the designers have to have to global connect with international expertise, familiar with other regions, up to date on latest trends and technologies. These skills may lead to help the clients and the architects to find the right glass for their buildings and be proud and pleased with their right choice of glass once building completed.

Choosing glass for buildings involves considering factors like insulation, solar control, safety, and aesthetics. Assess your climate, desired energy efficiency, and architectural style. Low-E coatings can enhance insulation, while tinted or reflective glass helps with solar control. Ensure safety through tempered or laminated glass, and consider the visual appeal of the glass in relation to building’s design

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Technical Knowledge

Floods of Technical jargon but know how to wade through these without just carried away by the supply chain claims and marketing. Good in-house knowledge on the whole selection process right from design, performance simulations, energy efficiencies, reading data, comparing, and evaluating various products. Our Glass experts has in-depth knowledge in glass selection helping architects and building owners

In depth knowledge in visual impact and end user perspectives

Understanding Performances

Good understanding on performances, limitations, visual characteristics of glass products, helps in selecting right products. BES uses advanced simulation tools, techniques to optimize natural daylights, achieve energy efficiency, thermal comforts, and arrive at appropriate glazing designs and glass specifications

Performances are arrived based on detailed analysis, not just on thumb rules or assumptions

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Inexperienced procurement, have to deal with Defects & Failures

Any amount of experiences, designers face challenges on a variety of aspects such as

  • Insight of how glass industry works
  • Understanding the products
  • Getting lost with supplier’s specifications
  • Is the comparison of products Apple to Apple?
  • How to check ie,. Specification Vs actual supplied

Practical Experiences

Good knowledge on manufacturing, international standards, acceptable tolerances, glass processing and fabrication techniques, help to manage on ground problems and achieve the expected results. Able to control the outcome with the strong technical and practical knowledge often very critical in glass finalization process.

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