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Project Details

Client : Wing Tower Property Development Co. Ltd.

Architect: Swan & Maclaren (Singapore)

Status: Completed 2023

Architectural design intent of Wing Tower proposed with iconic building form, with facades having reveal details using Aluminium Cladding. Building envelopes are designed to meet energy efficient facades and proposed with high performance materials as per International standards. Building Facades designed by BES which will use pre-fabricated facades to achieve higher level of quality standards.

BES Scope of Services

BES has been appointed by the developer for scope covering concept to site completion including quality control inspections at factory and site.

BES role includes integration of facade lighting and media screen to facades.

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Advanced Facade Engineering

BES uses advanced optimisation techniques using non-linear FEM techniques, resulted highly efficient and economical design solution.


Well developed design at pre-construction

Well developed design details during pre-construction stages, contractor do not have to engineer or design after the tender. Helped faster implementation.


Extensively developed 3d Designs by BES

Extensively detailed in 3d Designs, helped the contractor to understand and implement correctly. Significant time saved in construction phase, with faster approvals and finalisation.

glazing 3d designs

Detailed 3d Model by BES

BES has prepared whole building 3d BIM model, which has helped the facade contractor to finalise the construction drawings, architect approvals etc,.


Actual completed with Be-spoke entrance facade

Entrance glazing be-spoke facade using vertical frame (no horizontal) detailed engineered and designed by BES

Our Approach to Project Success


Well Resolved Design

BES team has prepared fully resolved pre-construction designs, has helped the facade contract to understand design better and quicker implementation.


Deeply Involved at Construction

Our team deeply involved with the implementation phase, helping the site team in resolving issues and challenges.

Tools and Gadgets

Quality Control Implemented

BES team implemented stringent quality control using systematic in-house QAQC systems following protocols and checking methods.

Commercial Building Cambodia

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Performance Testing

Typical facades are performances tested (PMU) for stringent design criteria covering structural and weather performances. Test methods were developed by BES as per international standards. Performance tested at third part laboratory and witnessed by BES team.


Quality Control implemented by BES

Stringent quality checking and systems implemented by BES, covering materials, fabrications and inspections. Frequent inspections were carried out BES (Singapore) team to the factory and site.

Facade Lighting Integration by BES

Facade Lighting Integration by BES


Iconic facades are enhanced with LED lighting, fixings were well integrated at the design stages, carefully designed for electrical penetrations, fixing arrangements. BES has coordinated with the Lighting designers and finalised relevant interfaces, this has resulted no compromise in the site implementations.


Typical Office floor facades

Well designed and integrated with floor finishes, careful attention to details.


Entrance Triple Height facade

Bespoke designed by BES, using sleek vertical frames without horizontal members. Highly economical design solutions without expensive frameless systems