Building Performance Analysis

Building Performance Analysis

Our Skills helps to maximise performances and achieve highly optimised designs

building simulations

Occupants Comforts

Our team uses advanced simulations to achieve highest level of occupant comforts with appropriate facade design solutions, performances of materials.

Building energy simulation

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiencies are achieved with detailed level of analysis, understanding the performances of various materials and build ups with practical approach

wind engineering

Wind Engg and Optimisation

3 phase approaches adopted for facade wind pressures, highest level of optimisation achieved with our independent analysis Not just limiting to code based.

Corner base plate Deflection

Engg & Optimisation

Advanced engg designs skills & techniques are adopted to achieve cost savings on materials, improve design efficiency yet robust solutions

How do we predict Engineering behaviours precisely

BES offers Wind Engineering services for the Architectural and Building sector using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) techniques. Similar technologies are used in the Automobile and Aerospace industries. These advanced technics have helped BES in delivering fully integrated and Highly optimized design solutions for Architectural and Building problems. Wind engineering studies are applied to Architectural design at the micro or micro-level ranging from various stages covering masterplan level to building layouts and facade designs.

BES has implemented this skills on several high rise facades engineers, achieved optimised and economical design solutions.

Building Performance Analysis

BES uses state-of-the-art design tools and implements cutting-edge technologies to enhance, optimize and stretch the wind engineering design boundaries, these will greatly help our clients and projects. These are advanced design studies that help the efficient and cost-effective designs to overall improve the building efficiency and occupant’s comforts.

  • Wind Simulations
  • Natural Ventilations
  • Engg Optimisations

Daylight Simulations to Optimise Natural Lights

BES teamwork on advanced simulation tools, techniques to optimize natural daylights, achieve energy efficiency, thermal comforts, and arrive at appropriate glazing designs and glass specifications. Performances are arrived at based on detailed analysis and verifications, not just working on thumb rules or assumptions

render and contour 3d view

Advanced Engineering Simulations

Our specialists uses advanced design tools with greater level of expertise, to deal with design challenges results highly optimised design solutions to our customers.

Engg optimise 1

Using state of the art design techniques with senior expertise and right facade engineers tools, our team pushes design boundaries lead to material savings and highly cost effective designs yet Robust. Our design team is well integrated with site and testing team, to receive feedbacks from testing and site inspections

Better Understanding of Wind and Rain

Multi phase CFD simulation completed by BES to study the rain water penetration through an ventilation (louvred) opening. This has help the architect to verify the ventilation opening of the lift corridor, the simulation helped the team otherwise it requires expensive laboratory testing.

Project : Normanton Park Condominium, Singapore

Study and quantify rain penetration through the lift corridor of residential apartments and recommend the shape and profile of Louvre ventilations. The results have helped the architect to finalize the common spaces such as lift corridors to be designed as naturally ventilated spaces yet protect from rainwater penetrations.

A study has been done in compliance with Singapore green Mark (BCA) guidance. We have advanced simulation skills to that will help to attain higher level of sustainable design / green mark ratings

We understand nature challenges better

Understand the power of nature and enhance design skills. Facade engineering and design need to visualize challenges to make designs better. Our team use high tech tools and gadgets, helps in getting insights of design behaviours, data from the site implementations. Helps to improve our designs and efficiency.

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