Building Facades -What drives to failures & poor quality

Oct 11, 2020

Building Facade Failures, many building owners looking for solutions dealing with failures. BES has delivered a technical sharing during Word Of Facades knowledge webinar session, presents reality of the construction industry problems.

Quality Doesn’t mean that it will cost more, often Façade Defects or building facade failures are not a Single trade fault, this presentation shows some cost analysis and ways to Improve

Various aspects were presented by BES to manage building facade failures

Cost Savings or Inexperienced Designs

Compromised weather proof

Bad Details

Poor Materials

Weak supporting 

How to Improve


•Materials – Don’t rely on paper docs•Do physical checks•review and approve samples•set quality bench marks

•Robust•Well resolved designs •Experienced designers•Time tested•Engineered

•Improve Construction Techniques

•Do not Pass problems to Other Trades

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