How to Improve Building Construction Quality

Sep 04, 2021

Site quality check 

Building facade works at the site requires systematic quality control implemented. Final outcome of facade works and finishes rely on building construction quality and tolerances. Overall construction industry has lack of skills at management levels and absence of appropriate systems.

Typical project management team often focus on progress and other coordination matters, missing out fundamental issues of the building constructions.

To improve the building construction quality, joint efforts are needed from the management team and construction team with an appropriate system followed throughout all stages. Often on-ground team is not adequate and left to very few in-experienced members do not have good knowledge to manage challenges.

Various key points to focus are


  • Implement tracking system for design approvals, status reports etc,, contractor to follow a register or systems
  • approved design will help to reduce risk of errors and abortive works
  • Focus to resolved the designs at design stage, not at construction stage
  • Dedicated QAQC person, Use check list methods
  • Implement sticker system
  • Not just monitor progress, create a checking system, and train site team aware of contractor responsibilities.
  • Implement progressive checking system for tolerances and quality of building structure. Make the civil contractor aware of tolerances required.
  • Overall improve communication from design to implementation


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