What are the different types of façades for commercial buildings?

Apr 03, 2024

A facade is a term used to describe the front part of a building’s exterior and is one of the most important parts of any building, be it from a structural or aesthetic standpoint. A well-engineered façade ensures the safety and security of the entire building and its occupants while providing character to the structure to create a lasting impression. Traditionally, facades were built with stone or brick masonry since the focus was more on structural integrity. However, the requirements of modern commercial facade design have transformed as well.

Commercial facade design

Here, we have listed some building façade designs that are currently being employed in modern buildings. Aluminium façades are employed in commercial buildings where energy efficiency is a priority. The lighter weight of aluminium ensures easier installation and transportation thereby cutting down the operational and construction costs. Aluminium façades are easier to maintain compared to other designs and can be buffed and polished to get a clean surface and glossy appearance.

Steel can be used in a variety of designs to provide your commercial building with solid exterior strength. Options such as profiled sheets, steel infill walls, stainless steel glazing support, and sandwich panels are fast becoming a top choice for architects. Large steel curtain walls are another popular option that brighten up spaces with natural lighting and are ideal for entrances. Steel is a relatively ductile material, which makes it simple to weld and provides countless design options. They are extremely durable and do not deteriorate over time compared to other elements.

Glass curtain walls have revolutionized architecture and façade designs all over the world. These façades, made of industrial materials, have a metal frame on which the glass panels are mounted. Several commercial buildings use these façade designs to create open spaces taking advantage of the transparency offered by glass. This provides an abundance of light within the structure, to enhance the atmosphere internally while providing a stylish look from the outside.

Commercial facade design

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