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Curved facades

Project Brief

Egg-shaped building structure with concrete roof and glazed facades, fluidic architectural design intent which involves complex 3d curved surface.

Non-Ellipsoid whose plane section circles are stretched sideways, Architectural form was challenged to match existing Boundary line at site. Architectural space to house facilities (Banquet, meetings & conferences) for the IT space development of several other building blocks.

Overall size : 55×28 m Plan and 22 M high

Key Design Elements

  • Curved roof using curved steel main beams
  • Segmented facade glazing to match with curved roof profile
  • Glazing uses triangulated glass units formed in segmented, to achieve smoothly curved face

Due to highly challenging designs, the client (Brigade Group) has appointed BES for the detailed scope covering concept to construction designs, detailing, engineering and site monitoring by a BES team

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BES Scope of Services

  • 3D Integrated model for construction includes, Roof, main structure and facades
  • Detailed Engg, Design, fully resolved details and interfaces
  • Issue of Good for Construction drawings (GFC), contractor has not prepared any design drawings
  • Site Monitoring – Full time site manager for implementation

Project Team

Client : Brigade Group

Architect : Zacharia Consultants

Status: Completed

Location : Brigade Tech Garden, Brookfield, Bangalore

complex 3d facade

BES high-quality services have greatly helped not just designs, but including site implementation of this complex and iconic project. Fully resolved pre-construction details were prepared by BES, resulted in better facade interfaces upon completions. Project-specific design challenges such as extreme local weather due to frequent storms, heavy rainfalls with high wind, etc were taken care resulted in robust high-performance facade systems.

BES team has extensively involved with the site quality control and implemented stringent site testing and follow-ups for the site works. Stringent site tests and checking methods were developed and implemented by BES, using a dedicated site specialist. This has resulted in high-quality works which have been demonstrated with stringent site tests.

BES site team has helped with on-ground challenges and managed the implementation with effective communication that translated 3d design works to site constructions.

Key Value Additions by BES

  • Advanced 3D design with fully resolved details in 3D
  • Highly complex designs, delivered with practical and simple solutions
  • Technical guidance not just design, throughout implementation
  • Knowledge on geometry, engineering, steel structures and construction techniques
  • On ground support for design transformation to site team

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