Advance Building Geometry

Advance Building Geometry

Our Advance Geometry Skills helps Concept to Completion

BES team has Advance Building geometry skills to convert any forms of highly complex geometry to practical design solutions. BES facadeĀ  Consultants has the expertise to successfully implement cutting edge 3D tools for form-finding, resolving, optimizing, meshing, and creating a construction model. There are several projects successfully completed using this technique such as hyperbolic shell, Freefrom roof, diagrid structure, etc. We have proven our capability with iconic building forms executed.

Advanced Geometry

BES delivered complex architectural designs and forms using Advanced 3D techniques involving parametric modelling, panelling, optimisation and digital fabrications.

  • Resolved models with 3D details
  • Integrated with Supporting Structures
  • Built with details and Ready to Build

Project Delivered

Advanced Geometry Designs – Concept to Construction

Advanced Geometry Design techniques used to create a geometry from concept to Construction, integrated 3d model used for constructions


Model part 2

Advance Design capability from Concept
to Completion

Fully integrated Advance 3D designs, Advance Building Geometry, including modelling, facade engineering, optimisations and fabrication details for all sorts of complex architectural structures.

  • Buildable solutions
  • Good for Construction
    3D models
  • Engg. Integrated
    with 3D
  • Developed Details

Buildable solutions

Complex forms are converted to an buildable facade forms as per design intent, working closely with architects with advanced parametric modelling. Design Options are visualise instantly leads to quick design finalisations.

Advanced geometry steel

Good for Construction 3D models

Well developed 3D details within the full 3D model, no informations are lost. Not relying on 2d details. 3D models fully integrated with main structure, secondary frames, internal works and external facades engineer. Help the site team to understand and build much faster.

Complex engg

Engg Integrated with 3D

facade Engineering and designs are integrated in the workflow, so that parametric models are engineered and structurally designed. Advanced engineering techniques are used to manage non-linear and unusual design and forms.

Steel building design

Developed Details

Not Just 3D-models, every details are worked out for fabrications and implementations. Ready to build design details, resolved with practical approach and ease of Construction.

Complex Geometry –

BES has successfully delivered complex free form architectural designs using Advanced 3D techniques involving parametric modelling, panelling, optimisation and digital fabrications.

Project Details

Works of our Design Lab – Facade Design patterns

Our Advanced design team passionate to stretch design boundaries to create impossible things. Resolving challenging designs, helping architects to quickly design, visualise and finalise with our expertise in advanced geometry techniques

Engg optimise 1

How do we deliver
economical design
solutions !

Using Advanced Engineering Simulations with state of the art design techniques, our team pushes design boundaries lead to material savings and highly cost effective designs yet Robust


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